SEPTEMBER 21st & 22nd, 2024

Welcome to Youth Trumpet Scholars!

We are presenting a 2-day, musical and educational event geared towards eager middle and high school trumpet players in Southern California.

This unique event is designed to inspire young musicians to continue along their musical journey, to provide purpose for them to aim for improvement, and to give them an opportunity for belonging; to make friends who share their passion.

This year we are presenting Wayne Bergeron, Andrea Giuffredi and Alex Sipiagin, appearing together for the first time as The Trumpet Trilogy.

Sharing the 2-day event with them as well as the stage is The Diva Jazz Orchestra.

Diva Jazz Orchestra

Hard-charging, powerful, immersed in the history of their craft, and passionately swinging the music forward; that’s DIVA – an ensemble of fifteen versatile, multi-generational musicians who expertly balance enthusiastic energy with sophisticated subtlety, virtuosity, and imagination.

Headed by swinging drummer Sherrie Maricle, DIVA exudes the excitement and force found in the tradition of historic big bands, with an eye towards originality. With New York as their home base, DIVA performs all over the world playing original contemporary and mainstream big band jazz composed and arranged specifically for the band and tailored to fit their distinct ensemble sound while highlighting each soloist’s unique personality and style.